Providing quality meat products to Our customers and community.

At Moody’s Butcher Shops we’re just as enthusiastic about food as you are. We are committed to quality; we source only the best-quality fresh meat and poultry that’s available to the market.  And we labor to make sure that everything we cut, smoke, and create is top-quality — the kind of quality that you can really taste.

Over 20 years

Our Indiana Roots...

Moody' Butcher Shops have great Indiana roots beginning in 1997 when Adam and Lucy Moody entered the local food movement by marketing their beef, pork, chicken and eggs directly to the consumer through various farmer's markets. In 2000, Moody Meats was launched when Adam and Lucy purchased a state inspected slaughtering facility - this is the same facility where Moody's beef and pork is processed and aged today.

The first Moody's Butcher Shop opened in Avon in 2003. Over the years, Zionsville and Geist followed.

2020 brought new owners led by Moody's Foodie, Erik Risman. Adam and Erik go back over 10 years, it was a natural transition. The new partners, all local carnivores, share the vision and have invested in both existing store improvements and the new Nora store.

In addition to the highest quality beef, pork and poultry products available, Moody's is expanding to more products of convenience: Ready-to-Cook, Ready-to-Heat and Ready-to-Eat. 

Moody's intends to be your local butcher of choice.

Cows in Field
Moody's Lone Pine Farm Barn
Moody Farm Fence Row


To consistently bring to our customers and community the best quality and best tasting products available all with the best possible customer service.


We believe that trust and integrity are the foundation upon which our business is built and that by upholding these values we will ensure loyalty of those we serve and those with whom we work. It is our honor and pleasure to share this philosophy and tradition with you.


We believe it is a tremendous honor to represent our local farmers, producers and suppliers and present their products in such a way as to be deemed worthy of that honor. It is our belief that farming is an immeasurable gift that we must not take for granted.



Walk through Moody’s doors and you have entered a secret world of meaty delights. Our experienced butchers break-down and hand-cut all of Moody’s steaks, chops, and roasts. We platter only the most tender and flavorful beef, pork and poultry.

Our Signature beef is hand-selected by our local farmers. We utilize the whole carcass and practice old world methods and tools to select, age and hand cut every piece of Moody’s Signature beef to your order. Customers can pre-order their favorite cuts, or stop by the shop and select from the available traditional cuts. Moody’s Signature beef is truly a “cut above”.

In addition to the quality meats at Moody’s, we offer dozens of other products: pastas and sauces, oils and vinegars, cheeses and charcuterie and more mustards, rubs and barbeque sauces than you can count. All to help make your entertaining easy, and your meals taste their flavorful best.

As sausage-makers we’re at our creative best. We hand-craft a wide variety different sausages and brats from lean trimmings of the same steaks, chops, and fresh poultry that you take home from our butcher case. Our house-made beef jerky is out of this world.

Different cuts of pork



Today, all of us at Moody’s Butcher Shops are committed to our customers, our community and bringing to them the best possible products with knowledgeable and exceptional customer service.  We’re proud that many of our original customers and their families are still shopping with us.

Welcome to Moody’s Butcher Shops!
Enjoy the Taste of Quality