Strip Steak and Ribeye Steak

Battle of the Steaks

Which one is better, New York Strip or Ribeye?


Frankly, it’s personal preference. I grew up on the East Coast and always believed the New York strip to be best-then I moved to the Midwest, found the love of my life and also discovered the rib eye. Given the choice between the two (steaks we’re talking about) both coming from a prime beef steer and dry aged for at least 14 days, I’d choose the New York strip but that comes from old habits. The New York strip tends to be a little leaner and retains more of it’s weight during cooking; the rib eye with greater fat content cooks down a little more as the fat renders to juice adding to the flavor when plated.

The steaks I remember as a kid and young adult were different than what is customarily sold today. That’s largely because the raising of cattle has changed dramatically. The industrialization of farming has removed much of the flavor from the animal. In the rush to get cattle to market something has to give, mostly it’s flavor. I was pleased to find Moody’s and their adherence to the farming and feeding standards of bygone days; sourcing good quality beef from local farms and dry-aging the beef before it hits the shops. There truly is a difference!