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Berkshire Pork

The first bite will stop you dead in your tracks. The texture, juiciness, and all of the other stuff said about it is true. It is simply divine!

Berkshire pork  is renowned for its richness, texture, marbling, juiciness, tenderness, and overall depth of flavor. It is thought by many to be the Kobe beef of pork. It is said to have a very specific taste, not generic and bland.

Moody’s Thunder Valley Berkshire Pork is raised locally in Montgomery County using strict standards.  Every hog is registered with the American Berkshire Association and carries its own pedigree.


Without access to a specialty butcher like Moody’s, it’s unlikely that you’ll find much Berkshire pork on your grocery shelves. Why is this? Since Berkshire pork can only be labeled as such if farmers are connected to the American Berkshire Association, large-scale grocery chains don’t have the time to source these small connections.


If you’re used to buying ordinary grocery store pork, you’ll find chops and cuts with very little fat content, no marbling, and a vaguely pink exterior. The result is a mild meat. Berkshire pork is different because of its intense marbling, bright crimson color, and care that is exercised in the animal’s processing to reduce stress. The result is a highly flavorful cut of meat that is tender, juicy and tastes slightly smoky like cured bacon.


The value of Berkshire pork is in a variety of factors, like it being bred in much smaller quantities and with very strict quality standards. For a pig to be called “Berkshire,” it has to be bred according to the American Berkshire Association’s strict guidelines.


Moody’s Berkshire pork are characterized by:

  • Single source pigs. 100% registered pure Berkshire herd for consistency.
  • Custom formulated vegetarian diet.
  • Segregated by size and raised in small groups to avoid stress.
  • Hand-fed multiple times per day (this permits careful monitoring of feed intake).
  • No antibiotics, no hormones, no medicated feed.

Berkshire Pork Chops