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Sliced Sirloin Tip Roast

Recipe: Sirloin Tip Roast

  The sirloin tip roast can become an all-in-one meal if you cook it with the vegetables suggested. Roasts are always easy but I highly recommend using a good quality meat thermometer so the roast is not overcooked. Also, suggested is the All-Purpose Roast and Steak Rub outlined below and …

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Grilled Cube Steak

Recipe: Sautéed Cube Steak

  The texture of cube steak is different from other cuts of beef and it can easily become too chewy if you don’t cook it correctly. Because of this, cube steak has an unwarranted reputation for being a tough cut of beef – but this isn’t necessarily true. Just prepare …

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Salmon with garnish

Tips for grilling fish

Looking for tips for grilling fish? Grilling is one of my absolute favorite ways to prepare fish; cooking on the grill is quick, and the smokiness of the grill enhances the fish’s natural flavors. Did you know fresh seafood is brought in weekly and during some seasons daily at Moody’s …

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