Beef Carpaccio

Recipe: Beef Carpaccio

Carpaccio is the Italian version of Steak Tartare (see Moody’s Foodie recipe for Steak Tartare). Carpaccio is raw beef so if you have issues with raw or even rare, skip this recipe. If you can jump that hurdle, this is a real treat. This was first developed by Guiseppe Cipriani …

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Bastille Day Meal with carrots Vichy

Recipe: Carrots Vichy

  I found this recipe in Gourmet years ago and have been making it ever since. In France many swear by cooking these carrots in the pure water of Vichy and say it brings out the best of the vegetable’s delicate flavor, but in truth the dish is delicious made …

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Cuban style slow roasted pork shoulder

Recipe: Cuban Style Roast Pork (Puerco Asado)

  My wife found this recipe 20 years ago and we have been enjoying it ever since. This is a classic Cuban feast and should be served with moros (black beans and rice). If you try it, I’m certain it will become a favorite.

Monkfish a L’Amoricanie

Recipe: Monkfish a L’Amoricanie

  Monkfish is one of my favorite fish. Often called “poor man’s lobster,” it can be prepared many ways to enhance its wonderful flavor. In France, it is a bistro favorite.

Toulouse Sausage Kabob

Recipe: Toulouse Sausage Kabob

  Moody’s Toulouse sausage is the best I’ve tasted this side of France! It’s a garlic lover’s delight and is made in same rustic fashion as the best sausages from Southwest France.

Steak au Poivre

Recipe: Steak au Poivre

  Celebrate Bastille Day with a wonderful French-influenced Steak au Poivre. What is Bastille Day? It is the French National Day that commemorates the “Storming of the Bastille” on 14 July 1789. France is America’s first and oldest ally. About Steak au Poivre: Properly prepared, Steak au Poivre is delicious …

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