Chicken Tarragon

Recipe: Chicken Tarragon (Poulet à L’Estragon)

  Tarragon is one of my favorite herbs but, admittedly, it is not for everyone. Used sparingly it is delicious and goes well with poultry. Use too much and it can be overpowering. Its taste is something of a combination between sweet aniseed and mild vanilla.

Chicken Cutlets with Capers

Recipe: Chicken Cutlets with Capers

  Close relatives to escalopes, paillardes are pieces of meat pounded thin instead of sliced. Add a few capers, a little white wine, and fresh sage to the cooking pan for an “à la minute” sauce that transforms plain chicken into something special.

Turkish Grilled Chicken

Recipe: Turkish Grilled Chicken

  This has long been one of my favorites and it is easy to prepare and inexpensive to serve to the weekend family gathering. You’ll get lots of compliments.