Grilled New York Strip Steak

Marinades, steak sauces and tips for great flavor

Utilizing Marinades and Steak Sauces for Grill Season

Grilling season is in full swing here in Indiana, and that means we’re getting lots of questions about the best marinades and steak sauces to use on your beef. The answer we give usually surprises people.

You often don’t need a sauce or a marinade, if you start with high-quality beef. As our resident Moody’s Foodie, Erik Risman, often says, “For most cuts of steak, it’s all about making the natural flavor shine.”

Moody’s Foodie Grilling Tips | Marinades and Sauces

Yes, you read that right! A high-quality piece of beef (like the meat we sell at our stores) is full of flavor on its own. Adding a sauce or a marinade will only cover the delicious natural taste of the meat you’re serving, and often on thicker cuts, marinades don’t penetrate much beyond the surface, and they really don’t change the flavor of the meat, just the outer surface. A thinner cut of beef (such as skirt steak) may need a sauce or a marinade, but sometimes you don’t even need it there either, if you’re using Moody’s Butcher Shop beef. Check out Chaos Is Bliss’ Black and Blue Summer Salad with simply seasoned skirt steak!

If your marinade is too acidic, it can make your meat taste mealy as well. Marinades are really made for thinner cuts of meat; if you’re grilling a thick ribeye steak, a marinade won’t do much to add flavor. However, because skirt steak is so thin, with loose, open fibers and lots of nooks and crannies, a marinade can have a big effect.

If marinades and sauces are out for your cuts such as T-Bone, Ribeye, New York Strip and similar, then what should you be using to season your meat? All you need are a few things you probably already have in your kitchen: salt, pepper and herbs. Oh and maybe your favorite steak seasoning or rub. We kind of have a love affair with St. Elmo’s Seasoning, so much so, you can find it in each of our locations. Season your meat lightly before you throw it on the grill, and enjoy the deliciousness that comes naturally in every high-quality cut of meat that Moody’s sells.

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