Classic Chili

Moody’s Foodie’s Classic Chili

Who doesn’t love a hot bowl of classic chili on a cold winter’s day? 🍷 Wine pairing: A hearty red goes nicely on a cold winter’s night!

Tomahawk Beef Ribeye

Moody’s Signature Beef

MOODY’S Signature BEEF   WHAT MAKES IT SO SPECIAL? And, it is special.  It’s 100% dry aged and 100% locally raised to Moody’s specifications and that results in a superior product with superior flavor. There’s a limited supply of our Signature beef as our farmers cull the best of the best …

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Strip Steak and Ribeye Steak

Battle of the Steaks

Which one is better, New York Strip or Ribeye? NOTES FOR MOODY’S FOODIE Frankly, it’s personal preference. I grew up on the East Coast and always believed the New York strip to be best-then I moved to the Midwest, found the love of my life and also discovered the rib …

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